Are You Digitally Included?

According to a recent publication from the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance, being digitally included means:

– A person has affordable access to high-quality internet, and owns appropriate devices to utilise the internet;

– A person can use the internet in an accessible way, whether they are living with disability, from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds, or with other needs;

– A person has the ability, skills and confidence to complete tasks on and benefit from the internet.

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What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion is about bridging the digital divide. It is based on the premise that all Australians should be able to make full use of digital technologies: to manage their health and wellbeing; access education and services; organise their finances; and connect withfriends, family, and the world beyond.

The goal of digital inclusion is to enable everyone to access and use digital technologies effectively. It goes beyond simply owning a computer or having access to a smartphone. Social and economic participation lies at the heart of digital inclusion; using online and mobile technologies to improve skills, enhance quality of life, educate, and promote wellbeing, civic engagement and sustainable development across the whole of society.

Is your workplace or community group suffering from poor levels of digital inclusion? Don’t know where to start, or how to map out a way forward to improve it?

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