COVID-19 Check-In Cards

You may not know that senior citizens, and those without smart phones, now have an easier way to check into venues they are visiting.

Service NSW has developed and released a COVID-19 Check-In card that is a hard-copy card (similar to a Driver’s License, except without your photo or ID details) that has a unique QR code that contains your registered contact details.

You can visit the Service NSW website to complete the Form to create your own personalised card. You just need to provide your First Name, Last Name and Contact Phone Number (Mobile or Landline), as well as a postal address (for printed cards), or email address (for downloaded cards). Once you’ve completed the Form, you can choose to have it posted to you in the mail and/or download a printable version for immediate use.

If you lose the card, or your contact details change, you simply create a new card using the Form again!

So now when you enter a COVID SAFE business, a staff member can scan your card and your visit will be electronically recorded with nothing further requried from yourself, or the business. Your details are kept safe and deleted by Service NSW after 28 days. The record of your attendance at the venue will only be disclosed to NSW Health for contact tracing purposes if required.

Whilst the card provides an alternate check-in method for those who don’t have smart phones, it does rely on businesses having the capability to be able to scan the card to allow for automated electronic capture of your contact details. And not all business, especially small businesses, have that technology in place, nor is it mandatory for them to do so.

Photo: Service NSW/ Facebook

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  1. Very helpful for those who do not have smart phones, provided small businesses have the facility to scan the card.

    1. Absolutely agree. Here’s hoping an increasing number of businesses have the capability to scan these cards to make the checkin process that much better all round!

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