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Conquered IT is all about working with local people in local communities around Australia to build the digital literacy of our older Australians through Training and Support, one byte at a time!


As a registered Australian Government Be Connected Network Partner, Conquered IT is able to offer a range of IT Training Courses to older Australians (over 50s) within the Community Free of Charge.  We can do this because it is funded, in part, by the Australian Government.  But Conquered IT also makes a substantive investment by volunteering its time and resources to design, deliver and support these programs for the benefit of the Community.

Conquered IT runs both face-to-face and online webinar training, as well as offering personalised Training and Skills Development Plans.


Conquered IT is also able to provide operational technology support to users either in their home or remotely (if possible) to assist in resolving issues affecting your use of technology.  If you need one on one training or support, we can come to you when it suits and help out!

No issue too big or small.  If you need onsite technology support – call us on 0468 988 438, or email for more info, or leave us a message, and we will get right back to you.

Please note:  IT Support is a fee for service arrangement with all costs agreed upfront, and no hidden fees or callout charges.

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Conquered IT offers a free 60min initial consultation for all Seniors (age 50+) – either remotely via Zoom, or face to face.  This primary purpose of this initial session is to establish an understanding of your current level of technology literacy and assess what technology support may be important to you in the future.

From there, Conquered IT will build out a personalised Training Plan that is specifically tailored at ensuring you develop the skills you need and empower you to build confidence in your daily use of technology.  Following the consultation, a personalised Training Plan Proposal will be delivered to you.  This proposal will outline the scope of your engagement with Conquered IT including a breakdown of the schedule of delivery activities and all fees/charges associated with the delivery of the Plan.

Reach us at at for more information, or book your Free Initial Consultation now by selecting the day in the Calendar below, and completing the Booking Details.  We will then be in touch to confirm your booking.

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You can view our Course Catalog to see the full list of courses we deliver.  We work with local community organisations and businesses to tailor a plan and schedule the delivery of courses for their members, so feel free to reach out to us at if that is something of interest.


Conquered IT regularly runs Face to Face Courses at local venues around the Hills District of Sydney.  Our next 9 week ‘Building Seniors Online Skills’ Program commences on Tuesday 3 May 2022.  By simplifying and removing the complexity associated with a range of technology related topics and issues, the Building Seniors Online Skills Program seeks to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding for Seniors.  The 9-week Program is centred on building the digital literacy of Senior Australians and giving them the confidence to interact and engage safely online.  You can register for the entire 9 week Program, or pick and choose which events you would like to attend.  REGISTRATION is required at  Email for more details.

Week 1 (Tue 3 May, 10am-12noon) – Accessing and Using Government Services, covering the NSW Government’s Service NSW App, and online services currently offerred by the Hills Shire Council.

Week 2 (Tue 10 May, 10am-12noon) – Funs Things to do with Photos – Part 1.    Learn how to shoot, edit, print and store your photos like a pro! This two-part course offers expert tips on taking great photos. In Part One you’ll learn what you can do with your photos, glean a better understanding of image properties and get an introduction to Photos Editors.

Week 3 (Tue 17 May, 10am-12noon) – Funs Things to do with Photos – Part 2.  In Part Two of this Course, you’ll start practicing using a Photo Editor in our Squirrel Editor practice area and then learn how to make fun gifts with your photos for your family and friends, before finally covering off how best to manage and store your ever-growing collection of photos.

Week 4 (Tue 24 May, 10am-12noon) – Managing Your Data – Part 1.  Everything you need to know about Data in this two-part Course. In Part One we cover what data is, how to choose the plan that is right for you amongst the myriad of offerings in the market and how to manage the data allocation you have in that plan.

Week 5 (Tue 31 May, 10am-12noon) – Managing Your Data – Part 2.  In Part Two of this Course, we cover the difference between using your data when at home using a Wi-Fi connection, and when you’re out and about away from home. As well as the various options available to you when you travel overseas and want to remain in contact with family and friends.

Week 6 (Tue 7 Jun, 10am-12noon) – Planning Your Digital Legacy.    We accumulate a lot of assets throughout our lives. Most people ensure that their precious items like houses, cars,
finances, and possessions are left to children and loved ones via a Will. But what about your digital assets and online presence? This Course helps you plan for the management of your digital legacy and ensures your family has what they need to ensure your wishes are met.

Week 7 (Tue 14 Jun, 10am-12noon) – Introduction to myGov – Part 1.  Find out how the Federal Government’s myGov website & app can make managing your online government services easy and convenient. In Part One of this two-part Course, we show you, step-by-step, how to set up and use your own myGov account safely and link your Medicare and other government services to your myGov account.

Week 8 (Tue 21 Jun, 10am-12noon) – Introduction to myGov – Part 2.  Find out how the Federal Government’s myGov website & app can make managing your online government services easy and convenient. In Part Two of this Course, we build on Part One by showing you, step-by-step, how to claim medical expenses and control who sees your My Health
Record information.

Week 9 (Tue 28 Jun, 10am-12noon) – Let’s have some Fun!  Life would be very dull without some playtime. We introduce you to some wonderful new games, apps and websites to test your memory and tease your brain! BYO smart – phone, tablet or laptop.


In these trying Covid times, we’ve found that our FREE Weekly Wednesday Webinar offers our Over 50s an opportunity to continue to expand their learning in the safety and comfort of their own homes. An opportunity to get together, albeit virtually, and learn and/or have a chat with others about topics of interest.

All sessions are facilitated by Conquered IT and run for about an hour.  The courses commence at 1030am sharp!  So don’t be late!  You might like to connect 5min before the advertised start time to ensure you’re good to go!  To connect to the Webinar you will be provided with a link when you register, and you just need to click on that link to join – its that simple!  And if you’re not sure what a Webinar is all about – check out the snippet…

Registration is required for all Webinars and please note as we are a Be Connected Network Partner, we are required to capture some participant information as part of the registration process.  You will need an email address to register for the Online Webinars as we need to send you a confirmation email with the link to join the webinar.   Contact us to find out when new Webinars are running.

Any questions or issues should be directed to