Conquered IT

Conquered IT

Conquered IT is all about working with local people in local communities around Australia to build the digital literacy of our older Australians through Training and Support, one byte at a time!

Conquered IT runs both face-to-face and online webinar training, as well as offering personalised Training and Skills Development Plans.


Conquered IT is able to provide operational technology support to users either in their home or remotely (if possible) to assist in resolving issues affecting your use of technology.  If you need one on one training or support, we can come to you when it suits and help out!

No issue too big or small.  If you need onsite technology support – call us on 0468 988 438, or email for more info, or leave us a message, and we will get right back to you.

Please note:  IT Support is a fee for service arrangement with all costs agreed upfront, and no hidden fees or callout charges.

CIT Session3

Conquered IT offers a free 60min initial consultation – either remotely via Zoom, or face to face.  This primary purpose of this initial session is to establish an understanding of your current level of technology literacy and assess what technology support may be important to you in the future.

From there, Conquered IT will build out a personalised Training Plan that is specifically tailored at ensuring you develop the skills you need and empower you to build confidence in your daily use of technology.  Following the consultation, a personalised Training Plan Proposal will be delivered to you.  This proposal will outline the scope of your engagement with Conquered IT including a breakdown of the schedule of delivery activities and all fees/charges associated with the delivery of the Plan.

Reach us at for more information.

Conquered IT runs face to face classes based on demand.  If you would like to engage with Conquered IT to facilitate the delivery of a course for your organisation, please reach out via email or phone to discuss your requirements.