Services Provided by Conquered IT


Conquered IT is able to offer a range of IT Training Courses to locals within the Community  on demand and to meet the requirements of the organisation.  Courses are custom built and can run from 1-2hrs in length.  They can be one off courses, or run as part of a regular series delivered over several weeks, or months.  They are normally face to face classes delivered in English only, and will be subject to COVID safe practices for compliance with NSW Government regulations in place at the time.  Classes are delivered on your site using all the equipment provided by Conquered IT.  Participants can bring their own device to use.

Some examples of courses include:

  • The Absolute Basics – for those new to computers.
  • Getting to Know your Device – teaching the basics of using a keyboard, mouse and computer.
  • Getting Started Online – teaching the essential skills of navigating online.
  • Safety First – the essentials of staying safe when online.
  • Digital Cameras – learn to use and operate a digital camera
  • Watching & Listening Online – learn to watch TV and listen to radio services online.
  • Connect to Others – learn to use Video Calling Services like Skyp, WhatsApp and Zoom.
  • Managing Data – understand how to choose a data plan and monitor usage.
  • Wi-Fi & Data Networks – how to setup a home Wi-Fi network and using public networks.
  • Online Hobbies – we cover Family History, Google Earth and Blogs.
  • Apps – learn all about apps and managing them on your phone.
  • Android Phones and Tablets – learn how to setup and use your Android Phone/Tablet.
  • Windows Computers – learn how to setup and use your Windows Desktop or Laptop Computer.
  • Introduction to myGov – learn to access Federal Government services using myGov.
  • Internet Banking – learning to setup, access and use online banking services.
  • Social  Media – learn to setup and use Facebook and Instagram to stay connected.
  • Using the Cloud – explore how to setup and use Cloud Based Services to store documents, files and photos to safely share with others.

Course Participants will receive a Handout Pack which will include Course Summary Notes and a Certificate of Course Completion.

Fees and Charges for face to face courses are subject to discussion and agreement based on the requirements of the organisation.  Our contracts can be either Fixed Price (irrespective of the number of hours, courses or attendees), or Variable (per hour, attendee and/or course) enabling you to choose what works best for your organisation.

If you have any questions, contact, or call Peter on 0468 988 438.


Are you in need of some help at home with your IT?  Whether that be in setting up an email account, fixing a printing issue, downloading pictures from your camera or just setting up Skype or Zoom for your family conference, we’re available to help with either an onsite (in-home) or remote support (if possible).  Need more paper, we can help sort that too…no problem is too big or small.

We can generally provide same day support for a wide range of services to most Sydney metropolitan suburbs with no hidden fees or callout charges.  We charge agreed hourly rates for our support services only, and any required parts/hardware will be charged separately.

Support Services include:

  • Device Selection & Setup (computer/laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone)
  •  Internet Service Selection, Installation and Configuration (eg Broadband, WiFi, Cable, Satellite etc)
  •  Printer Selection & Setup
  •  Email Setup & Configuration
  •  Mobile Phone Setup & Use
  •  Smart TV Selection, Setup & Configuration
  •  Home Security Solutions – Selection, Installation & Setup
  •  Backup Setup & Configuration
  •  Photo Management – Storage & Accessibility
  •  In-Car Navigation – use of Google Maps and/or Waze