All About Apps

 All About Apps (4 courses)

This topic takes you into the world of apps, or Applications, the little amazing programs that can help you do almost anything.  Find out what apps are and how to find them using the App Store and Google Play Store. Courses include:

What is an App?  – Here you will learn the absolute essentials of what a computer is. You will read about the components of a computer, including the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse. This course is the one for you if you aren’t sure how to use a mouse, or how to turn a computer on.

Getting Apps – In this course, you will learn about a laptop – what it is and the essentials of how to use one. The course will teach you about how to turn on and power a laptop as well as how to use the keyboard and the trackpad.

Managing & Deleting Apps – In this course, you will learn about what a tablet is and the fundamentals of how to use one. A tablet is like a portable computer, and you will learn how to move the cursor on the screen, how to type, as well as how to use a touchscreen. The best way to view this course is to watch the Presenter onscreen, but with your tablet in your hands to follow along with.

App Tips & Tricks – This course will teach you the essentials of what a smartphone is and how to use one. This is the course for you if you don’t know how to make a call on a smartphone or what it can do. You will get the most out of this course if you follow along with the Presenter but have your smartphone handy to look at.