Introduction to myGov

Introduction to myGov (5 courses)

All About myGov – myGov is a website that lets you access lots of important government services from the one place. Instead of visiting multiple websites and remembering multiple login details, you can manage most of the government services you use from the myGov website, using a single, secure login. This course will introduce you to myGov and show you how to use it safely for important things like Medicare, My Aged Care, My Health Record and more.

Setting up myGov – If myGov is new to you, we recommend you complete the All about myGov course first to discover how myGov can help you safely and securely manage your personal information with different government services. But if you are ready to get started, this course will show you how to set up your new myGov account, and then how to sign into that account for the first time.

Linking Services in myGov – Most government services are available online and, instead of having to visit individual websites and enter unique usernames and passwords for each service, you can access them all in once place using your myGov account. This course shows you how to do this by linking each service to your myGov.

Claiming Medicate with myGov – One of the most useful things to do with myGov is make a Medicare claim. In this course, we’ll follow Julie as she makes a claim for a general check-up, using her myGov account.

My Health Record & myGov – Your My Health Record account is a convenient way to keep all your medical information together in one place. You can work with your doctor to build a Shared Health Summary and set things up so people have all the information they need to help you in an emergency. This course will introduce you to My Health Record and help you get started, as well as give you some examples for where My Health Record is useful.