Introduction to Smart Homes

 Introduction to Smart Homes(7 courses)

Ever wondered how technology can help you with your day-to-day tasks? This course explores the benefits of smart homes. Learn how to safely set up a smart speaker by training it to recognise your voice, how you can use a smart TV to watch catch-up TV or display your photo galleries and how you can use the cloud to save and back up your important photos and documents. Courses include:

What is Smart Home Technology – In this course, you’ll learn about smart home and voice assistant technology. We’ll explain what a smart home is and you’ll discover how smart home technology can benefit you.

How to Setup Smart Home Technology – In this course you’ll learn what you need to get started with smart home technology, and how to set up a smart speaker with a built-in Voice Assistant. You’ll follow along with Jacinta as she sets up her Google Nest Mini smart speaker using her iPhone and her home Wi-Fi network.

Using a Voice Assistant – In this course, you’ll learn how the voice assistant in a smart speaker works and how to train it to work with your voice. You’ll also see examples of how a voice assistant can make some everyday tasks more convenient.

Using Smart Home Devices – This course will show you some of the things you can do with a smart device, and how smart technology can make your life easier. You’ll find out about voice control, listening to internet radio, organising your day, and even more!

Using Smart TVs – In this course you’ll learn all about smart TVs. You’ll find out how to identify if your TV is a smart TV already, and how to make it smart, if it isn’t. Finally, you’ll learn how a smart TV uses the internet to take your entertainment options beyond regular TV broadcast programming.

What is the Cloud? – In this course, you’ll learn what it means when something is described as being “in the Cloud”. You’ll find out how the cloud works, what you can do with it, and where your personal information is stored and kept safe.

The Cloud and You – This course will help you get started with the cloud, safely and securely. You’ll also learn about what cloud companies do with your data, and explore more things the cloud can do for you.