Safety First

Safety First (5 courses)

Safe Passwords – This course will teach you the essentials of staying safer online, such as why we need strong passwords and how to make sure yours is as safe as possible. This course will teach you how to create and remember strong passwords, as well as how to avoid common mistakes.

Paying Safely Online – In this course, you will learn how to pay safely online through a number of different options. We will compare the different ways you can pay online and see which you think will work best for you. This course will also teach you what to do with faulty good purchased online, or with goods that don’t arrive.

Avoiding Scams and Tricks – We have all heard of the scams and tricks that can happen online, but in this course, you will learn that it’s actually not that difficult to stay safer online, you just need to follow a few simple steps. We have all learnt to cross the road safely, and being safe online is similar; we are careful, go slowly, and check for danger. The following course has been based on the the latest information about scams from the ACCC’s Scamwatch and Little Black Book of Scams. Visit for more information.

Downloading & Saving Documents – This course will teach you about how to download documents from the internet safely. This course will look at different types of document formats and which ones are the safest to download. This course will also teach you how to then store these documents on your computer or phone so you can find them easily in the future.

Getting Help & Support – This course will assist you in getting help and support if you suspect you may be involved in a scam, if your computer has a virus or if you think someone may have guessed your password.