WiFi & Mobile Networks

WiFi and Mobile Networks (4 courses)

What is Wi-Fi? – There is a way to access the internet that doesn’t need cables and it works in a similar way to a wireless radio. In fact, this internet access is often referred to as a wireless network and you may already have heard of it – it’s called Wi-Fi. The activities in this course will tell you how get Wi-Fi in your home, which devices can use it, and how to connect.

Home Networks – In this course, you’ll learn about home networks, and how to connect to the internet in your own home. Having the internet at home is convenient, and lets you do such things as stay up to date with the news, research family history, share photos with friends, check the weather, get directions, or even watch a TV show or movie online. You’ll also learn what you need to get internet at home, and some of the different ways you can connect, with a cable or using a wireless connection.

Wi-Fi on the Go – In this course, you’ll learn about connecting to a Wi-Fi network that isn’t your own. Remember, Wi-Fi is a way of connecting to the internet without using wires or cables. Most of the time you’ll use it at home, but some public places, like libraries, coffee shops or even a whole shopping centre, offer free Wi-Fi you can use. This course will show you how to connect to a public Wi-Fi spot, and also give you some tips on how to stay safe and secure while using public Wi-Fi

Mobile Networks – In this course, you’ll learn about how a mobile phone connects to the internet. Mobile internet networks are similar to Wi-Fi internet networks because they are wireless. But there are important differences too. In the following activities, you’ll learn how mobile internet can be even more convenient than Wi-Fi internet, but that it can be a lot more expensive. You’ll also learn how to purchase a mobile internet data plan to suit your needs, and we’ll give you some tips on how to save money by switching your phone or other mobile device between mobile internet and Wi-Fi.